Teach Your Children Well

Not sure I’m real crazy about the latest trends I am seeing in the NFL. I’ve long been a rabid football fan. I enjoy the game, the strategy, the environment at the stadium, the excitement of a great play unfold, all that kind of stuff. But these days I’m feeling a bit different about it. It hasn’t been one of the NFL’s best years for many reasons. Maybe it’s better…


Bill BeliCHUMP

-Pride always comes before a fall- I will never understand why a guy who is regarded as a great football coach can be so incredibly stupid. Belichump. Stupid is as stupid does. 31 people like this post. Like Unlike Tweet


It was a Bear of a Week

Ahhhh. Nothing like a little “pic-a-nic basket” Boo Boo humor to start a Saturday morning with. I tapped my inner Yogi for this one which, I think, turned out to be pretty fun. I love the silhouette in the tent. There were ideas galore on this topic as one more Denver Broncos entity, this time coach John Fox, ended up going the Bears. A total of 6 roughs sent to…


Old and New

Peyton Manning looked 50 million years old on Sunday during the Broncos playoff loss to the Colts. Hurt, unable to roll out or run for an easy first down he looked every bit the dinosaur that he is. And that’s where the questions to his future begin. 3 people like this post. Like Unlike Tweet