How It All Began: A cartoonists journey

howibecameacartoonistinkedcolorOne of the many questions I am often asked is how did I become  a sports cartoonist? Well It’s a long story actually but I tried to break it down into a few simple panels. Be sure to check out a new Q&A in the Bio section above. I also added a journal in the header as well, which I’m hoping to do a bit of writing in. Mostly about creative stuff but we’ll see how it goes. I had to change themes because the other one was giving me fits uploading content to it.

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Quick Note

We are closing down the storefront for awhile. Time to take inventory and reevaluate and reorder for the future. If you have purchased any of my giclees rejoice! The prices are going to change in the future so you got in on the ground floor of a good investment in my art. Big stuff coming in the months ahead which we will announce when we can. Thanks for reading!

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