Chicago Bears: buzzards ahead…

Things are getting ugly in Chicago. Buzzards are circling over coach Marc Trestman’s head and Jay Cutler, their $100 million dollar man has been benched. And for good reason. I’ve never seen a more underachieving QB in all my years of watching NFL football. He’s a guy who just doesn’t seem to care. Which means his next stop could be playing for the Raiders. All I can say is be thankful he isn’t still in Denver. He’s a guy with serious character flaws. I think it’s highly possible the Bears start with a totally clean slate next season. My prediction. Mike Shanahan will be the Bears next head coach.

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Four AFC West Championships in a row. Back to Back to Back to Back. It’s an amazing feat really and considering you had a quarterback who had 4 IV’s during the game (or perhaps one for each title), then it makes it even more miraculous.

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Grinch Convention!

One of my favorite cartoons of the year! Hey I’m scheduled to be on the Denver Huddle on Channel 9 tonight at 6:30. Toon in and see what happens!


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