Nuggets : Doin’ the Round Two Step


Amazing what a difference a year can make

Gone are the sullen days of Allen Iverson. Behind Chauncey Billups and Carmelo Anthony, with contributions from Birdzilla and J.R. Smith the Nuggets disposed of the Hornets and cruised into round Two of the NBA playoffs. Finally, the long drought for the Nuggets is over. The Hanzlik, and Issel eras are only vanishing visions in the rear view mirror. And, more importantly, Melo has learned how to win. I’ve been pretty rough on Melo through the years. But I’m glad to see him take this team into the second round. The Nuggets are the team nobody wants to play. Hang on. It might be a nice long fun ride.

Caption Contest winding down

This week’s caption contest is coming to a close. We’ll take entries until 6 p.m. tonight. So run, hurry, and write lots of captions. The more you enter the better your chances.