Clint Hurdle: Integrity Personified


Clint Was Class

If you’re looking for the real reason Clint Hurdle lost his job, this cartoon pretty much spells it out. Sure , we can blame the Monfort’s (as I’ve been known to do more than a few times) but looking at the wrecking ball of this current economy, I think I’ll not point the finger today. Sure, The Monforts can’t compete with the likes of the Yankees or Red Sox but, really, who can? Until baseball puts in a salary cap to even the playing field, great guys like Clint Hurdle get pushed out the door. Here’s my wish. That Hurdle inks a deal with one of the teams with deep pockets. And then wins a World Series or two. Good luck Skipper. There was none finer.

Question of the day. What would you do if you owned the Rockies?