Chicago Cubbies Fans, Rejoice.


A hearty welcome to all of you fans from Chicago and beyond. Come right in, grab yourself a cold one, some chicken wings or a brat, get comfy and feel free to look around. There aren’t a lot of Chicago toons yet. Just some really nasty ones about Jay Cutler, which you might actually like. But there will be more to come. There are tons of cartoons about the Broncos, and the Avalanche and all things Colorado since that’s where I spent some 26 years as a sports cartoonist for the Rocky Mountain News lampooning mostly local teams 5 times-a-week. There’s also a mixture of national sports cartoons which helps keep my syndicate, United Features, happy two days a week. For all of the regulars here things will stay pretty much the same. We’re all kind of like a family, or for you guys in Chicago, kind of like and afternoon at Murphy’s. So sit back, relax and enjoy some toons.