When you know life is unfair

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High School sports

Maybe it’s just me, or the market I live in (Denver) but it pains me to see so little importance and air time given to high school sports. I wish, sometimes, the coverage was the other way around.

Comments and critiques

I realize I have foisted a tremendous amount of new stuff here on the site all at once. But it’s been almost a year since the loss of the Rocky Mountain News and almost that long for this blog. I felt like it needed some refreshing here. Feel free to let me know what you like and don’t like about the changes here. I want to make this place a blast for you to come to!


The One that got Away

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In the crazy transition over the weekend to build the new look on the site this cartoon featured in the Chicago Tribune got deleted. Now It’s back. It got quite a bit of traffic over the weekend. The actual ad, not so much.