A Tribute to an Athlete Dying young

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What a horrible way to start the games. Word has it that many people complained about the luge track being too fast. Three crashes on Friday, one ending in the tragic loss of a young promising athlete. There will be more on this story but I wanted to share this cartoon from Saturdays Chicago Tribune.

Olympic Ski conditions

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newvonn conditions
This week has been a bit crazy, with all of the changes here, but I thought it was appropriate to finish with this cartoon about Lindsey Vonn. Her story will unfold throughout the weekend and it will be interesting to see the outcome. My predicition is that she will gut it out and compete as best she can. I still think she’ll medal. Have a great weekend and thank you all for hanging in there this week with the site. I’ll be putting a poll up next week to get a feel for how you like the site and what else I can do to make it worth your daily readership.