Olympics in Santa Rosa NM?

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2030 winter games in santa rosa copy copy

I was talking yesterday about all of the different things I draw each week for a myriad of publications and websites. One of my very favorite weekly projects is drawing for the Guadalupe County Communicator in Santa Rosa,New Mexico owned and edited by former Rocky writer M.E. Sprengelmeyer. This is an example of the kind of cartoons I do for The Communicator, placing the 2030 Winter Games in Santa Rosa. Hey, it’s possible!

I’d like to know if anyone has joined the Mingle community and what you think of it? Please feel free to let me know as I trying to find the right mix of content here on the blog.

Canadian Hockey: Blowin in the Wind (and a bunch of Olympics below)

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It was BIG. No doubt. And a fantastic game as well. But, please, it wasn’t the 1980 Miracle On Ice. Nowhere even close. That USA team was comprised of college players vs. a team of NHL caliber professionals. It was at a time when America wasn’t exactly feeling too good about itself. The country rallied around the Miracle team which I’m convinced gave the USA a jump start before Ronald Reagan took office. It was THAT BIG. If you want to see what the real Miracle was all about I highly recommend “Miracle” with Kurt Russell. That said, The USA kicking a little Canadian tushy is pretty fun.

It’s Miller time!

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Bode Miller came back from the edge of oblivion on Sunday to capture an elusive Gold medal, his third medal of the 2010 games. Known in the past as someone who would rather party than win, Miller has become one of the feel good stories of these Olympics. This cartoon is from the Chicago Tribune and is one of quite a few I’ve been doing for them during the games. The editor there is a joy to work with and makes these cartoons a blast for me. So if you’ve been wondering why some days the cartoons are square (Tribune), sometimes horizontal (United Features) and really horizontal other times (9News), it’s because of all the different places I’m drawing for.