One Year Ago Today


September 1982 I joined the Rocky as it’s first (and last ) sports editorial cartoonist.

December 1982 Get to do a full page drawing of the Rocky sports staff. No one ever sees it as the Rocky halts for a day due to the Blizzard of 82.

February 1983 I get to play broom hockey at McNichols with the San Diego Chicken. I swear.

December 1984 Rich Karlis hits uprights, fork cartoon follows.

January 1987 Broncos beat Browns to go to the Super Bowl. Dad attends first NFL game ever. The Super Bowl.


February 1987 First anthology of cartoons is published.

June 1997 Avalanche win the Stanley Cup

September 1997 Second anthology of cartoons is printed

January 1998 Broncos win the Super Bowl. Hell freezes over and I finally get to draw a Broncos win cartoon.

January 1999 They do it again.

April 1999 The worst day ever at the Rocky. Columbine. Elway retires the very next week.

April 2000 The photo staff at the Rocky win the Pulitzer for it’s Columbine photos

June 2004 My 3rd anthology is printed, this time an homage to John Elway.

Rocktober 2008 Rocks go to the World Series!!!

February 2009 We stop the presses

Now I ask you. Any great memories of your favorite paper?