Not Everyone is Feeling “Super”

Not everyone is thrilled with the Packers-Steelers Super Bowl match-up. It’s not the BIG market teams that the Networks want to have that push the ratings over the top.. It’s just the Cheeseheads and the Steel workers. I like to think of Green Bay and Pittsburgh as the heart of America. I’m always drawn towards those places in our country that embody a tremendous work ethic. It’s what makes America great. The Grit. The determination to fight for their way of life. It’s one of the reasons I dream of moving to Maine someday. The people of Maine are proud and do what it takes to survive and to maintain and preserve all that they love, all that they stand for. It’s a hard life. But they live it with gusto. So I say bring on the Packers and Steelers. I’m going to wear yellow. That way you’ll have no idea who I’m rooting for.