TGIOD: The Opening Day Blogorama

This first one is from…

Happy Opening Day!! Since I consider these couple of days of Baseball openers a National Holiday I decided to go all out for it. Grab some coffee, or a cold beverage and a hot dog and take in the sights and sounds of baseball. No other sport speaks to our sense of nostalgia more than Baseball. It’s in the confines of the Ball Park where a lifetime of memories are made and handing down from generation to generation. So kick back and celebrate with me.

This cartoon is from this months edition of Mile High Sports Magazine available now

The classic Abbott and Costello “Who’s on First”

Centerfield by the great Baseball Fan John Fogerty

A classic Baseball cartoon by my favorite animator, Tex Avery

The Top Ten Baseball songs of all-time

A Couple of scenes from the famous Baseball Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Woody Woodpecker tries to get into the BallPark. Not a bad idea!

The Basics of Baseball by expert instructor, Goofy

Harry Caray sings Take Me Out to the Ballgame as only Harry can.