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  1. Good Morning from Omaha,

    Its baseball season, again!

    Some of my best memories are going to ball games including a family outing at a Royals game way back when my daughter was still in the child carrier. It was HOT and as a family we went to the ball game. During the game we took turns taking our daughter, Jennifer, into the shade. This served two purposes, at least for me at the time, it kept my daughter cool and I got to eat another Frosty Malt, which is still my favorite food at the ball park.

    While sitting on the ground next to my daughter a gentleman, who had had one two many budweisers, came by and stopped to admire her. His exact words were “she is so robust”. To this day we still talk about her first encounter with a drunk.

    I see the rockies are 0-2 and the Royals are 0-1. Another great start to a another season where the best part of the game may be the food at the ball park.

    Strive for excellence, nothing but your best.


  2. Yes, baseball games with the family are great memories. Going to Denver Bears games where we had to wear winter coats…..Watching my dad play softball at City Park. I hope that there are still generations of kids who have great memories and stories of their trips to the ballparks with their families.

  3. “Opening Night”

    “Opening Day”

    So many games, so little time.


    Up all night

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