Peyton Manning is The Shermanator

All this talk about Richard Sherman. What goes around comes around.

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5 observations on “Peyton Manning is The Shermanator
  1. Meaghan


  2. gene

    Good morning From Omaha,
    Give peyton two weeks to figure out a defense and he will have it figured out. IF Sherman can be had, Peyton will know how to beat him.
    I don’t think the Bronco’s receivers put the fear of god into the seahawks defense but with Peyton’s ability to pick apart a defense they should be concerned.
    Great cartoon, Drew. I think there is a lot of running with lynch from the hawks and the bronco’s will let ball and moreno run wild.
    Good thing I don’t get to coach. There are just to many variables and its just not my job, whew.
    Strive for excellence, nothing but your best.

  3. good ol' george

    Congratulations, you just antagonized Richard Sherman, and probably the rest of “The Legion of Boom” secondary. Not a good thing to do (just ask Skip Bayless).

  4. AzureMatty

    Ahh’ll be bock! (with more steroids)
    Ahnold S.

  5. Sherri

    So good, Drew!


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