Rockies Fever: An Animatic

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This was the very first attempt I made at an animatic I did while at the Rocky. This one was done in the spring of 2008 and never got published. So you’re seeing it for the very first time. An animatic is the first rough stages of action and sound combined to give an animator the structure to base the finished art on. This one never got completed for several reasons. It runs long (1:55) and the pacing needed to be tightened up. And at the time I was still trying to figure out a way to make the finished art look like my style, because when you draw in Adobe Flash it smooths out the line quality quite a bit. The roughs in the animatic were done in blue pencil on animation paper , scanned and imported into the film. The soundtrack was done as one long sequence, which was the wrong way to do it. So this was really a lesson in what not to do. But I still think it’s funny. So here you go. I hope you like it.


A Look inside the life of a Cartoonist: A Film by Chris Hampson and Annalisa Andrews

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Several weeks ago I was approached by two students, Chris Hampson and Annalisa Andrews from Colorado State University who asked if they could do an interview for their class in Broadcast/TV Video Communications which is part of the Journalism program at CSU. This is the result of their incredible work.
I offer this instead of my usual Friday cartoon because I believe that the work of Chris and Annalisa deserves recognition and the piece they did is the finest, most polished, insightful interview I have had done in my entire career. I’ve had stories done about my cartoons by most every TV station in the Denver area, and all of them have been great. But this one is special. Really special. Yesterday CU in Boulder voted to kill it’s journalism program. To those who made that asinine decision I say take a look at this amazing work from Chris and Annalisa, two fine young “journalists” from CSU. And realize by killing your program that you’ve made a mistake. A big mistake.
But, then again, this is clear evidence that CSU was kicking your tail in Journalism anyway. Oh, and remember those names: Chris Hampson and Annalisa Andrews. They will be winning Emmys, Pulitzers and Oscars someday. Yes they are both that talented!!!
And so here it is, in all it’s 14 and a half minute glory. Grab some popcorn and enjoy a look into my world.
A big Thanks to both Chris and Annalisa and to Mile High Comics for allowing us to set up shop for the shoot. And Thanks as well to Drew Soicher from 9News and Jim Saccomano, the head of media relations for the Denver Broncos for doing the sidebar interviews. The checks in the mail for all of the nice things you guys said.


Sooper Sunday Match-Up Animation

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Here it is you Guys (and Gals, of course), the newest Sooper episode just in time for the National Sooper Sunday Holiday.
Feel free to send it to a few thousand of your closest friends and stop by to rate it and add comments here or there. a big thanks to my new Crew mate, Joe Corrao, who did the animation. YOu can see more of Joe’s incredible stuff at the vocal work was done my Mike Kaminski. You gotta hear his demo reel at
And I can’t say enough about Rich Moyer who carried the load of 16 straight weeks of 2 minute animations by himself. Some of Richs stuf can be seen at (Just an FYI. Not all of Rich’s work is “family friendly”)
I’ll be back Friday with another toon! In the meantime , enjoy!