Soccer: So here’s the deal…

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Soccer: So here’s the deal…
We’re about to be inundated with World Cup Soccer, and, yes, I will be doing some Cup stuff. And I’ll will do my best not to be a condescending about it all. I want to embrace it with new vigor and an open mind. But…It’s also fair for me to come clean about my sordid past when it comes to soccer cartoons. Here’s one that kind of says how i have felt watching soccer in the past. Let me know what you think about soccer and the World Cup. Or about how much this cartoon makes you a little peeved. That’s cool too.

Distant Replay plus an toon today

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Here’s another older one by special request. I had fun with this one. I’ve also got a new King James cartoon over on and be sure to check out the other oldies but goodies by scrolling down the page. I added one over the weekend.
I also made a change and added a donate to the Gulf Oil Spill relief fund, which will benefit those in the fishing industry directly affected by the horrific mess in the Gulf.

NASCAR Hall of Fame Opens!

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The NASCAR Hall of Fame opens it’s doors this week in North Carolina. The venue is actually state of the art and from the online pix I’ve seen is really impressive. Yet it seems so wrong. I think the Hall of Fame should really have looked more like this cartoon. This cartoon is lovingly dedicated to my brother Alan, a long time NASCAR fan. If he’s reading this the prints are in on their way. Finally.

The next few days will be super busy as I work on art for Mile High Sports Magazine and the Rockies magazine. I might need to find a few golden oldies to post for Thursday and Friday. I’ll make them topical but if you have one you remember from the past you want me to post feel free to leave some suggestions. If we get a lot of different ones that’s cool. I’ll post them in waves and find a boat in the Caribbean to spend the summer on. Just kidding. But it sure sounds like a great idea doesn’t it. Hey we could all go on a Drew Cruise! Now that’s an idea.