Brothers in Arms: A Pat Bowlen Tribute


November 1st, 2015 will live in Denver Broncos infamy for a long time to come. On a brisk Autumn night the Broncos answered the bell and soundly defeated a very good Green Bay Packers team. More importantly, players past and present, fans and family alike, gathered to celebrate Pat Bowlens induction into the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame. I was thankful to come up with this image for 9News early because it took the better part of two days to research, sketch, ink and colorize the cartoon. Since the game was going to be a late one I felt it would be perfect to draw something early (in other words, not on deadline) to honor Pat Bowlen in a different way than my previous The Master and the Masterpiece cartoon. It was fun to draw players from different eras as “Brothers in Arms” coming together for one common cause, to pay Tribute to the Greatest owner in The NFL. Pat, This one’s for You!


3 Replies to “Brothers in Arms: A Pat Bowlen Tribute

  1. Hey Drew,

    How about coming up with something for Chris Harris JR ” No Fly Zone “.

    We love your work, keep them coming!!!!

  2. drew,


    he is both wealthy and loved… how can that be in todays America? just a quick thought.

    strive for excellence nothing but your best.


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