Distant Replay: Elway Envy

June 16, 1996

This is one of the few cartoons ever written long before I used it. It came out a conversation several of us were having in the Rocky newsroom during the Avs first run to the Stanley Cup. My good buddy, Steve Haigh, designer and copy editor extraordinaire, said the magic words “I wonder how Elway must feel about all of this?” Ding, ding, ding. The Lombardi trophy had thus far eluded Elway. This image popped in my mind almost immediately, pretty much as you see it. I was like a little kid going to the candy store, the only problem being we were about 10 days away from it opening. The Avs still needed a few more games to win it all. It was a long 10 days.

I didn’t draw it until the moment arrived doing everything I could to keep my hand steady and the image solid. The color was done in watercolor and Dr. Martins dyes because I hadn’t made the leap to Adobe’s Photoshop yet. It was one of those cartoons that struck a chord with the community, for which I’m very thankful. I love cartoons that resonate like this with people, even 14 years after the fact. Hope ya like it. I’m crossing my fingers that I will be back on a normal schedule come Monday, but if not please keep those cartoon requests coming. It’s fun to hear which ones you remember, which I’m always amazed at. I can’t recall what I drew yesterday.


7 Replies to “Distant Replay: Elway Envy

  1. Drew,

    Love the cartoons, have to do the follow-up with Reeves and Elway, that was just as good!!

  2. Good Morning from Omaha,

    love the cartoon, Drew. your well of great cartoons runs very deep.

    The bronco’s will be back. You can count on it! with josh or in spite of him.

    Strive for excellence, nothing but your best.


  3. You guys are the best. Thanks for the great comments. This one will always be one of my favorites. It’s always good when you can pull of the idea with no words.

  4. I agree 100% with Chris. Since you’ve shown the Sakic/Elway drawing you HAVE to show the Elway/Reeves drawing of the same style.

  5. Hey Drew

    So the one that I remember was the one with Jake Plummer in the car mirror and seeing Cutler. I think that you should change that one to Kyle Otron now and seeing both Quinn and Tebow. I dont think that Orton stands a chance with those two new comers in town

  6. The Elway/Sakic is just a classic. Some other good ones are when Griese’s dog gets blamed for Plummers troubles, Plummber at the stock Show, board up the Rockies bullpen, and there a ton of good Reeves/Elway ones.

    The more I think of it, the more I think of all the quality work you have done over the years. I think it would be neat to see a “Classic Cartoon” once a week or month or something. I enjoy you new ones, but getting to see some classics on a regular bases would be neat.

  7. As much as I loved this toon Drew I think of that season with the Avs as a preview of what would happen when the broncos would win the super bowl. Two years latter that is what happened and the entire region of bronco fans went crazy. As we all love our sports teams here in colorado what grabs our hearts is the broncos. Pretty cool you have two classy guys and both hall of famers in one toon. As always GO BRONCOS!!!

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