Distant Replay: Killer Uprights

Easily my most requested and remembered cartoon, I owe my entire career, I think, to this cartoon. It followed then Broncos kicker Rich Karlis kicking the ball into the uprights in the waning seconds of key Broncos games two Sundays in a row. Both Field goals were no good.

The cute bank teller that I had a crush on at the time wouldn’t talk to me the day it published but everyone else seemed to love it. Even Karlis himself who once told me “you captured exactly what was on my mind”.

I’ve got a busy few days of freelance assignments so this is a golden oldie for you. I’ll publish another tomorrow so if you have a request please leave your comments.


10 Replies to “Distant Replay: Killer Uprights

  1. GMFO,

    I suppose you heard all the comments about the bronco’s getting “forked” or being brushed from contention.

    It could be a life size model of St. John the q.b.’s teeth. just having fun with you!

    In k.c. it is Lord Lenny of Dawson and he retired over 30 years ago. that is how far back they have to go to find someone of elways stature. and that is a reflection of the terrible mix of good and bad coaches and players have been in KC for a long time. Yuck! maybe in a year or two things will look better but right now the only good lucking thing coming out of KC is a train headed west. It is certainly not the Chiefs.

    get caught up on your work. see you tomorrow.

    Strive for excellence, nothing but your best!


  2. The other day I was thinking about two classics that I remembered. So will throw them out for possible ones to post.

    One with Coach Mac talking to Ralphie about going to a bowl game and basically it had a been a long time because Ralphie as he had the wrong idea about going to a bowl game.

    The other was a marriage penalty box that a wife had for her husband.

  3. Drew–

    I loved seeing this cartoon again! I remember that my brother had it taped to the wall in his bedroom for several years until the newsprint fell apart. We still laugh when we see this one…Thank you!!!


  4. I remember when NBC showed this cartoon during a broadcast. I also remember it from the first “Win, Lose and Drew” book. Great memories.

    Other favorites:

    Your obituary on Tim “Barrel Man” McKenna

    The cameraman coming out of the toilet with John Elway

    Josh McDaniels in the busted car

    Keep on scribin.

    BTW: I’m building a site for John Branch, editorial cartoonist for the San Antonio Express-News. You can see it at http://www.branchtoon.com.

  5. I think one of my favorite cartoons is the one you did after the Avs won thier first Stanley Cup and Sakic is sleeping in his bed with the cup on the dresser and Elway peeking in the window.

  6. Thank you, Drew!!! Hope the work is fun and the ink flows easy in the coming days. Love seeing your work. Any of the steroids ‘toons would be timely again (sadly).


  7. I remember that one. I was in school then. Someone cut it out and brought it in for us to see. Collectively, we just couldn’t believe it’d happened to Karlis AGAIN.

  8. As I was a Bronco fan in traning then (I know I am a young fan to alot of us) this would prelude to Karlis a great kicker missing field goals in the first half of Super Bowl XXI. If he would of made those kicks sure we be only up like 16-9 but the dynamics of that game could of been changed in our favor. Then again we were still living off of The Drive of two weeks ago. I think we were just happy to be at the super bowl. The giants were ready to win the super bowl. As always GO BRONCOS!!!

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