NASCAR Hall of Fame Opens!

The NASCAR Hall of Fame opens it’s doors this week in North Carolina. The venue is actually state of the art and from the online pix I’ve seen is really impressive. Yet it seems so wrong. I think the Hall of Fame should really have looked more like this cartoon. This cartoon is lovingly dedicated to my brother Alan, a long time NASCAR fan. If he’s reading this the prints are in on their way. Finally.

The next few days will be super busy as I work on art for Mile High Sports Magazine and the Rockies magazine. I might need to find a few golden oldies to post for Thursday and Friday. I’ll make them topical but if you have one you remember from the past you want me to post feel free to leave some suggestions. If we get a lot of different ones that’s cool. I’ll post them in waves and find a boat in the Caribbean to spend the summer on. Just kidding. But it sure sounds like a great idea doesn’t it. Hey we could all go on a Drew Cruise! Now that’s an idea.


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  1. NASCAR Hall of Fame… I’d go, but I hate making left turns… yup, I’m here all week. Couldn’t get my car into reverse.

    Golden Oldie Vote #1 The Karlis goalposts! Is there any other ‘toon that captures the human condition? It is the best art of the height of frustration realized by the silliness that is kicking a ball through two elevated arms. I know, I know, it is such a classic it is darn near cliche, but seriously, that is one of the best ‘toons.

    Good luck with the paying work, keep it going, and that cruise can become a reality!


  2. Good Morning from Omaha,

    the people in KC really tried hard to get the museum at the new track out just west of KC. I think I heard they spent over 100 million dollars building it. It would have been a real boost to KC’s economy but at least someone benefitted from the construction.

    I would love to be in Denver sometime but the MRS is taking classes for her +30 and I am taking classes also to get into the legal profession. the kids out there seem to being doing well so you guys continue to be nice to them. And I would love to catch another rockies game this year.

    I WILL let you know when we head out that way. The drew cruise sounds great. We could start at lake Dillon and then let it grow from there. It is just a start but you have got to earn the lean green to keep the lights on and the art going.

    Strive for excellence, nothing but your best.


  3. I am not sure if I could pick one golden oldie, but I had an idea pop in my head. I read that Elway would like to become more involved in the QB situation in DEnver, offering advice and such, and I thought a carrtoon depicting this would be a hoot. Ya know, him standing there, larger than life with the qb’s in camp standing in his shadow. Just a thought. I agree with your take on the Nascar HOF. They should have really put a redneck twang to it, make it more realistic.

  4. There is definitely a food theme running through so many of your comics. I like it. Burn my brat on the outside, and let’s root for the beer vendor!

  5. You are just missing all the number “3” flag, or your favorite drivers, on the rv and it would be perfect. I have always like the Karlis cartoon, another good one is the Dr. J saying goodbye cartoon!!!!

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