Nightmare on Cam’s Street


As they say, the third time’s the charm. I had no intentions of drawing this concept again but someone sent me a message about the Sakic-Elway, Sakic-Reeves versions I did in ’98 and ’99 and, oh, what the heck. This image popped immediately into mind and begged “draw me”. I merely listened. Thanks Cheryl Petersen for the nudge. I’ll offer this as a print as soon as I can.


2 Replies to “Nightmare on Cam’s Street

  1. The original Sakic-Elway ‘toon was one of Drew’s best ever… It ranks up there with the Killer Uprights he did after the Broncos’ then-kicker Rich Karlis repeatedly hit the uprights with his kicks.

  2. Mr. Litton, is it possible to buy this as a giclee or any other type of print at this time?

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