3 Replies to “The Busted Bracket

  1. As long as he’s taking out the garbage…might as well take all those loser teams from the state of North Carolina with him.


    Tar-heeled and Feathered

  2. Good Morning from Omaha,

    I have to admit defeat. In the family bracket my picks are, as they say, in the cellar. l think I still have Iowa state in the running and florida to win it all but in general its not looking good.

    The family bracket includes members on both coasts, several from the Dallas area, several from Arkansas, the brackets Queen out in Colorado and of course two bracket pickers from Omaha. Its trash talk and a traveling trophy which just might end up in California.

    It sure would be nice to win, again but if you don’t follow college ball much, you can’t win.

    Did I mention that my bracket is broken into at least 1000 pieces.

    Strive for excellence, nothing but your best.


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