The Clippers Twit


NBA commissioner Adam Silver acted in a valiant and justifiable way by suspending Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life. It’s justice like this we could stand to see much more often. Now the NBA owners need to do the same by voting 100 % to oust Sterling from his ownership role and forcing the immediate sale of the team. If I’m a corporate sponsor of the NBA and the Clippers especially, I wouldn’t come back until Sterling is forced to sell the team. The lifetime ban is not enough. Sterling must be stripped of his team as soon as possible. It creates a credibility issue otherwise.

It’s interesting, as one of my former colleagues at the Rocky Mountain News pointed out, that while Sterling is being suspended, the battle to change the name of the Washington Redskins franchise continues with hardly a peep. It’s time to right that wrong as well.


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  1. Good Morning from Omaha,

    Yes Drew, I have been following your cartoons and most of them are able to get to the point that we agree on quicker than one of my soap box rants. This

    Donald Sterling thing is another animal altogether. This is a man who moved his team from San Diego to Los Angeles and was sued by the other owners for doing so. They sued him for 22 million dollars and he sued him them back. The other owners ended up paying him 6 million dollars!

    So as punishment he is banned for life from the NBA and is probably going to be forced to sell his team, for a profit. He could probably care less about going to a NBA game that he does not have any further monetary interest in. Wow. and selling his team, for a profit, please punish me like that.

    He will have to live with the shame of his remarks for the remainder of his life but he is so insulated from “real” life no one in his circle of friends will probably even care. He will get on his yacht, sail off into the ocean and count his money one bill at a time.

    Some big punishment.

    Strive for excellence, nothing but your best.


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