The Drone of another NBA season…


And so begins another NBA season with the only story line being LeBron, LeBron, Lebron. It’s no wonder I can’t bear to watch a single game of NBA basketball. I wish they would just fast forward to June, let LeBron win the stupid trophy for the poor souls of Cleveland and save us all the agony of having to listen to or watch the whole blessed, boring thing. Sorry, but I’ll the NHL, the NFL, Mammoth Lacrosse, Rapids Soccer, or tiddlywinks over the NBA any day of the week.


4 Replies to “The Drone of another NBA season…

  1. I don’t enjoy basketball, I really don’t enjoy that there are only a few players that are talked about year after year. I think you could have thrown Kobe in every 10th LeBron.

  2. Interesting to see your recent “brother in arms” drawing. All of them are white. The Broncos are a diverse team and it’s unfortunate that wasn’t reflected in your drawing. Made me look at past drawings to see if this is common in your drawings.

  3. @ Monique:

    What’re you talking about? All the ring of Famers in his drawing that are actually black are portrayed as black in the drawing. Sharpe, Atwater, Davis. Etc.

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