The Silver Platter


As far as I’m concerned there isn’t punishment enough for racists like Donald Sterling. Glad to see NBA commissioner Adam Silver render as harsh a penalty as he could. Now it’s up to the owners and the court system to do the rest. I leave you with a quote from the movie 42 that sums up my feelings on all of this.

Branch Rickey: You think God likes baseball, Herb?

Herb Pennock: What – ? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Branch Rickey: It means someday you’re gonna meet God, and when he inquires as to why you didn’t take the field against Robinson in Philadelphia, and you answer that it’s because he was a Negro, it may not be a sufficient reply!


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  1. Good Morning from Omaha,

    Donald sterling has become the Al Davis of the NBA. Taking his team from San Diego to LA, the only thing he did not do was move them back, and gets paid after being sued for doing so. The NBA fined a billionaire lawyer 2.5 million dollars. To you and me that is a lot of money. He probably spends that much a year on his taping comments “girlfriend”.

    His team, according to him ,is worth over half a billion dollars. if he does not get what he wants for his team, even if he is forced to sell, he will take the NBA to court to get the difference. He wins all the way around and will get on his yacht and sail off into the sunset.

    Strive for excellence, nothing but your best.


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