Barry Bonds: Obstruction verdict

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I don’t think anyone is happy or satisfied with last weeks outcome in the Barry Bonds case, most of all, the prosecution. They came away with an obstruction verdict but not much else in the other 3 perjury charges. That said I think it’s time wasting huge amounts of money and resources to pursue to try and prove if Bonds took Steroids or not. I think we pretty much know the answer anyway. The only way that Baseball can move forward and heal itself from the tainted era of Steroids is to accept it, and move on. The damage has been done. Let the Bonds case come to a close. It’s time.

You all are the absolute best readers in the whole world. Thanks to each and everyone of you for viewing the great video by Chris Hampson and Annalisa Andrews. I know they appreciated your comments as did I. They are both huge talents with bright futures ahead of them.

I should have some local content on here this week with the NBA playoffs and the Rockies playing lights out. So hold tight and toon in for more.

Giants vs. Rangers: Bonds Away

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And so the story goes…Barry Bonds always wanted a World Series. And I always wanted to draw a cartoon about it. So in this season of newbies in the Series, the Rangers vs. the Giants, I think it’s appropriate for this slightly irreverent cartoon.

What do you think about the Series. Part of me is pulling for the Rangers and part of me is rooting for the Giants because of my old pal Phil Frank, who drew hundreds of cartoons featuring his bears characters rooting for the Giants in his comic strip Farley that he did for the San Francisco Chronicle. So I think I’ll go that direction. C’mon Giants! Win one for Alphonse and Farley!