Bowl Games Stink!

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This pretty much sums up my feelings about the BCS. And it’s always a fun day when I get to draw a skunk or two. I’m not looking forward to the Bowl season really. The system is just so archaic and so drab really. And it’s spread out all over the months of December and… Read more »


TCU: Out in the Cold

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Thoughts and musings for a Thursday:

* I feel sorry for TCU and for Horned Frogs fans everywhere. The system robbed them of a chance to win it all on a National stage.

* I’m pulling for John Fox to get the Broncos job. He has great credentials as a defensive coach and a leader who had the Panthers close to winning a Super Bowl. Yeah, I know, he just got fired for going 2-14. But this fact from this recent story in the New York Times explains the reason Fox is available and that the 2-14 record isn’t really all his fault:
A rift developed between Richardson (Carolina’s owner) and Fox after Carolina’s 33-13 loss to Arizona in the team’s last playoff game in January 2009. Fox was more vocal this season in showing displeasure with several personnel moves that left the Panthers short on experience and talent.

* Trade Melo or don’t trade Melo, but, please, for the love of God just decide already.

* I remember, when I was a kid, my cousin, David, bringing me a Horned Frog in a shoe box from Brownwood, Texas,. I grew up in El Paso, which is some 400 miles west of Brownwood. We had lizards, but not Horned Frogs. Horned Frogs don’t do well in a dry climate. In fact they eventually croak in a dry climate. And by croak I don’t mean they make a noise, I mean they actually kick the bucket. Buy the farm. It wasn’t pretty.

* I learned early in life, never let the Horned Frog out of the shoe box he came in.

* I also learned early in life, Mother’s who are freaked out by Horned Frogs who are let out of the shoe box SCREAM really loud.

* And maybe even faint a little.