Broncos Thanksgiving

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The Broncos roll into the Thanksgiving Holiday with a 3 game lead in the division, a cream puff game next week against the Chiefs and the MVP already sitting in Mannings trophy case. Life is good for the Broncos fan. Everyone else in the AFC West…Not-so-much.


Philip Rivers: Arrowhead

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This cartoon goes out to my pal, Gene, who I’m sure was jumping up and down in ecstasy last night.

Here in Denver, people hate everything black and silver and Philip Rivers, not necessarily in that order. So last night as I watched the Chiefs beat the Chargers I shelved what I was going to post for today, picked up the pen and did this cartoon for all of the Chiefs fans out there. And for my pal, Gene, who has come to since the very first day I launched this blog and has been around to comment day after day. Thanks, Gene. And for Connie Sue and Kevin who love their Chiefs more than most anything. Enjoy!