Teach Your Children Well

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Not sure I’m real crazy about the latest trends I am seeing in the NFL. I’ve long been a rabid football fan. I enjoy the game, the strategy, the environment at the stadium, the excitement of a great play unfold, all that kind of stuff. But these days I’m feeling a bit different about it…. Read more »


Bill BeliCHUMP

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-Pride always comes before a fall- I will never understand why a guy who is regarded as a great football coach can be so incredibly stupid. Belichump. Stupid is as stupid does. Tweet


Elway and Kubes Ride Again

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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Batman and Robin. The Lone ranger and Tonto. Whatever the duo you can be sure Denver now has one of their own. Elway and Kubes. Riding the Range and looking for Lombardi trophies. This is going to be fun. Lots and lots of fun! Tweet