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Starting Monday I’ll be doing a weekly cartoon for’s Commentary page! I’m excited about the new opportunity to be a part of the team at ESPN. I’ll still be doing my cartoons here 5 days a week, but you’ll find the new ESPN cartoon only on their website. It’s going to be a blast. (more below)


I’ll still be doing cartoons for the Chicago Tribune every Saturday, for 9News every Monday and Friday night, for The Guadalupe County Communicator in New Mexico every Thursday, Monthly in Mile High sports magazine and North Metro News every week as well. And, of course I’ll be continuing my sports cartoons twice a week for United Features Syndicate. I also have a few more things that are in the works that I’ll announce in the next few weeks. That’s what life is like as a freelancer who doesn’t have the luxury of a job at a Big Newspaper. Gotta do a lot to make ends meet.

I’ll need your help!
I’m asking all of you to help me spread the word about this and to wander over to ESPN next week and leave a comment or send an e-mail to them. The more of those they get the better. This all is a very important step to help me to continue doing what I do here. So tweet it, facebook it, digg it, tell the guys at the office, get one of those banners on an airplane and fly over Coors field on Opening Day…Well, you get the idea.
I promise all of you I will bust my tail to give you the best sports cartoons I can every day. Because without you, I wouldn’t be blessed enough to do this every day.



Wars in the Workplace

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Just a note

Since I’m nationally syndicated two times a week cartoons like this work well for that. They’re known as evergreens, meaning they have a long shelf life. I sneak them in here and there on the blog in between my local and regional stuff. So if you’re ever reading the blog and wonder why Drew did this instead of, say an Avalanche cartoon, or a Broncos cartoon, well, now you know. I really prefer the local cartoons because it gets great response from all of you. But I’ve got to do my two-a-week for United Features too, because, well, it helps pay the bills.