Worse than an Ugly Christmas Sweater


It was Ugly. Uglier than a Christmas Sweater. Uglier than the thing that sits on top of Donald Trumps head. Uglier than that smug look on Bill Belichick’s face every Sunday. It was that ugly. And it caused a lot of people in Denver to scream just like this cartoon.


2 Replies to “Worse than an Ugly Christmas Sweater

  1. Drew,

    I came into Denver to see my family and go to this game. I barely caught a glimpse of your ‘toon on 9News that night. The rest of my family saw the full “showing.” We all agreed the ‘toon captured our feeling at the end of the game, walking out of the stadium, driving home, and for the rest of the night.

    Your work was the best thing to come of the day.


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